New Month and beginning again

Been an odd time for me ~ (okay, more odd than normal) ~ I’ve taken a hiatus from this blog thinger here and now finally am getting back to it ~ much of this time has been spent trying to get my life going in a direction, while keeping myself together… O.o

More often than not I feel I am barely making it ~ though occasionally now, I get the sense that all my stones are in the same basket. Learning to drop some of those stones along my way has been a really BIG challenge, because the basket is heavy, and I ain’t likin’ carryin the damn thing.

eyup. JUST like the rest of the human race.

SO!!! Here I am. All kinds of reasons for being here, I am tired of trying to figure the reasons out. Just going to get on the ball and get to finding out where exactly “here” is.





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About the “Little Voice” in your head…

Today is one of those kinds of days when I feel as though the world is waiting for something.

I don’t know what, or why I feel this way ~ but over the years, I have learned to trust my gut instincts.

Occasionally though, I have a day where I don’t do so well ~

“It was a dark and storm night…”

HA! I wish. Today is hot, icky sticky nasty poopy, and the weather has screamed “FIRE” all day. I’ve sat in my chair and watched the water get sucked from the flora and fauna right in front of my eyes.

It’s the kind of day I do NOT want to go out in. My mind slows down in the heat, and I get frustrated easier ~ I really don’t like it.

BUT!! As the dogs need to go out to do their biz, and I have to move every so often to keep from growing moldy, I’ve girded up and gone.

Late this afternoon, (for the third time today) the dogs let me know it was time to go out doors.

Grumpily ~ I concede that it must be so, and begin to try to get myself together, hunting about to find all the stuff that seems to be required.

“Harnesses ~ check.

Leashes ~ check.

Wait ~ Where did I put the harnesses??


Now ~ Where did I leave the leashes??

Poop bags… gotta have poop bags…Where ARE the poop bags?



…on and on this went. I’m beginning to get mad at myself, the dogs are sitting in their kennels waiting for SOMEONE to figure out what the hell is going on…

FINALLY, I get myself all squared away, the dogs in their harnesses, leashes attached, and…

DOODLEBUGS. (^%#@$%$) (!!!!)

I can’t find my phone.

I’m inclined at this point to just go outdoors without the stupid thing.

My Little Voice says “FIND YOUR PHONE.”

Me? I’m hot and grumpy, and arguing with myself ~ telling me I don’t need my phone, it’s only a quick trip outdoors…It will be okay, right?


After some (many) minutes of arguing, I (at last) locate my phone, make sure it is charged, and go to put it in my pocket…

And I can’t FIND my pocket.

I then discovered ~ my pants were on inside out.

eyup!!! Inside out. Seams and tags, wavin’ in the wind…

Always, ALWAYS pay attention to the little voice in your head.


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