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Tis Sunday morning, I am wrapping up my ritual of coffee and the local news sheet ~ I have it delivered to my front door on this one day of the week, a non electronic way to keep in touch,  which helps me keep a much better perspective on what is going on in my teeny tiny bit of the world.

While it (kind of) is more a tradition than anything, I recently have rediscovered my  appreciation for sitting still and reading the paper  ~ the actual contact with newsprint makes the things within it feel more real to me, I think because I am making a conscious effort to absorb information.

At some juncture of the planets in the past few months, I realized that the daily electronic bombardment had begun to make me crazy; the rate at which information was coming through my electronic devices was insane … I literally was not able process it sometimes.  So, I (quite unconsciously) made the choice to not use the “at my finger tips” news any more. I shut down all the apps, “un~joined” the email updates and sites that had hourly blurbs. I am down to the point where I seldom even turn on the television news either.  I sit down and actually go looking for the news on web sites I feel I can trust ~ though I’ve not perfected how to get through all the manure to find the pearls yet, I’m working on it. (damned ads make me crazy!!)

The whole point is that I am choosing to go to them. No sensationalism, no “OMG we MUST get this update out or be one upped by someone or something and nobody is gonna give a rats butt that everything is WRONG, we got there FIRST” ~ all that is just plain hooey, and I now have taken back my control over the when I see things.

I like this.  It gives me time to sort, process and THEN add on to what I need to know.

This being said ~ it has been a decision that does occasionally put me at a disadvantage, it has had a side effect I could not have imagined ~ well, not really.  I am finding I now listen more to what others have to say, because I do not always know all the “goings on out there” at any given moment.  And as with all things,  90% of the people I run into really just need somewhere to try to get the massive overload of information straight in their own heads.

In turn, this helps me to make even better sense of things ~ because another persons perspective always leads to things I did not think of, things that sometimes are simply outside my personal realm of thought.

In our now close knit world, there are so many of us, and we are connected in ways not hereto known … for peace and posterity for all, what other folks think is always worthy of consideration.


I don’t have to agree, or put this information to use, knowing where another is at, that their reality is different than mine, really does help me understand the whys and wherefores of this world we share so intimately now.

Tis a brave new world, yes?

until next time


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so very many changes ~

Here I am again, and… it is a year later ~ I am so bad at putting my thoughts down on this platform.

I have filled three composition books in the intervening days, so that tells you how little energy I have actually had to do … well … anything.

SO very many changes in this past year.  Loss, gain, happiness, sadness, additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, progress, regressions… all the things that life gives us ~

The biggest change has been within myself.

eyup. self reflection.

I’ve had a lot of feelin’ crazy over it all.  Turns out… that is “normal” ???

First time for everything, eh?

talk to you soon. :)



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