wish I could do that…

okay, so … yeah. Why change? Why make oneself different?

Because this one hasn’t any idea what she is, thats why.

I got up in a TOTAL funk this morning. I also woke up at THREE FREAKING A.M ~ wide awake and ready to take on the day. THREE A.M!!!!! What the HELL is up with that? WHY ME??? (Lord? Mom…?? Anybody??)


Could not get back to sleep, so I just got up and did. I wonder if my body is used to a particular amount of sleep, and once that amount is achieved, it goes *BRRRRRRRNG!!!* and I am cursed for the day blessed with a new day… no matter HOW dark it still is outside?

What ever it is, I have been up and going ever since, with one slight dip in production when I sat down to have my morning caffeine ~ Garbage truck stopping across the street put a fast end to that, because then I remembered that I hadn’t remembered to get the rollie can out to the road last night ~ Then that was all she wrote for any more napping, the dogs and cats woke up, and the coffee kicked in…

After (what I thought) was a fast visit with the junk man, I was late to the morning munch fest for the Budman, and he was NOT a happy camper.

Two days, and he has already adjusted to the earlier time.

Wish I could do that…


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