to far ahead of myself

I am SOOO on a roll here, I got up this morning at 6, and though I did not really sleep all the way through the night, I did sleep. No dreams though, which is the “eiiieee.” **does nasally noise and the hand wave thing that universally means things could go either way** I don’t sleep as well when I dream, but I am told that I am not really asleep unless I dream…

It is confusing, eh? At any rate, I got up, had coffee, and got myself some breakfast before I went “over the way” to take care of the Budman. It put me later than normal for Bud, but instead of running back here for breakfast and coffee, then running back across to let Bud in the big field for the day ~ I decided it just might be a tad bit smarter to have me fed first, so that I can go over, feed, do the barn chores, and then get him out to the big field for the day ~ thus I am finished with him until I want to ride, or until the evening when it is time to come in to sleep. Only glitch was that I forgot his carrots, and he had to settle for an apple ~ he was not to sure about it, though he did eat the thing. Could be because it was a Granny Smith?? I do not care for Grannys’ (except as applesauce) so… that is why he got it.

SO!!! three does a row make, so I am happy with that. Next? Maybe I will stop drinking coffee altogether…

**shudders** yeah, I know I really should, but I have learned over the years that I can not make to many changes at once, ‘cuz I fry what few brain cells I have left.

I’ve a loaf of bread started, though I am cheating and using the machine ~ and a load of clothes in the washing machine.

Damn me if I ain’t almost organized!


yeah, I know… don’t get to far ahead of myself, or myself will curve back around and bite me in the butt.


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