sadness, in a good way

Today was started slowly, I did not get over to feed Bud until nearly 9 ~ oddly enough, he was okay with that, at least he did not act as though he was upset with me. No kicking the wall to make me hurry, nothing.

It was the same tonight. Weird.


I spent most of the day taking things apart ~ mostly the bunkbeds that the girls have slept in for the past four years. I was okay with it, until I slowed down long enough to admire the space that I know have about me.


makes me want to cry that the end of this era is here. I miss the girls pretty bad tonight, and there isn’t anyone to call…

ah well.

I think I will go to bed, read a book and deal with all this shit in the morning.

I hate it when I feel like this.


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