at least it is for another two hours on my coast.

Been over to feed the Budman, he’s lookin’ thin and nasty to me. The hay is just not enough for him, I’ve got to run down and get some alfalfa hay to add to the daily feed routine ~ either that, or start him on the grain. I’ll worm him next week before the vet comes, and then order up a trim for his footsies ~

I’ve got him a field, and shelter for the winter, though I do not think that they are the best in the world. He’ll do fine, I just wish it were my own place, ya know?


Was just looking at a stock tank deicer, wanted to know what size (wattage) for my tank ~ the chart hummer used the “Arbor Day Foundation
zones thing for their information ~

The slightly “doctored” list for the Number 2 zone (up there, above Minnesota) said… (and I quote) “For the love of all that is good and great, MOVE to a WARMER place!” (unquote)

Anyone with that kind of humour can definately have my business! :)

by the by, I live in zone 6, I need a 750 watt deicer. Erk.

No word on the little kitty yet, I’ll run up in a minute or three. The phone was busy last time I called, so it would be faster to just go. I need some eye stuff for the dogs, and Harley has something in one of his ears ~ I may just get the stuff to clean it first, then add to the vet bill if that does not help.

It is cold here, and it was gray this morning. Red sky, means lousy weather for the next 24 hours at least. Another pressure change and the sinus headache has returned…


No resolution really on feeling down and rejected by everyone I thought I was working hard for. I do not get it ~ not really anyways. I always knew it was a thankless job, but hey… this is ridiculous. The eldest (married, to many bills and a thankless husband) seems to think that it was easy to pay rent, food and all medical bills for three people on 1000.00 a month. Which is weird, because she knows that the rent was 800.00 ~ no utilities included in that. On top of the electric bill, I provided meals, cell and regular phone service, and gas/maintenance for the car ~ (thank the powers that be for my other mother, it is her car that I!!) I even paid for the dings and dents the then beginning driver (read: she) put in that same car… that, and the vet bills for all the creatures we seem to accumulate without even trying ~

When it got to be to much, and I was going under (fast) and my dad got sick, we moved in here to fray the cost of living. The only thing that changed was the rent ~ still paid utility, and the cell phones and the gas/maintenance on the car, food, phone/internet and vet ~ the girls had no lack for anything their heart asked for.

**sigh** Now? All I get is judgment ~ mostly from the eldest, who has a spouse that provides a house, her truck and 9 horses, and three pigs on 80 acres of land…

The only thing is that the youngest chooses to live with them, as she can not tolerate my mother… and I understand that ~ I barely can some days either!!

**sigh** yeah. **shrug**

I’m sure I will get over it, and soon.

Maybe. A job would help, being a bit healthier would help, and not living with my mom would help.

The logical thing to do is toss out the entire storage, and kill the cell phone service, and move my ass to somewhere else.

Not sure why I don’t…

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