icky snowy rainy gray dull drippy morning…

Budmans new digs :)

the dark days make me grumpy ~ I have those fancy schmancy light bulbs that are supposed to simulate the sun, but I think that someone sold me a bunch of hooey. They are all on at any rate, so… yeah. Maybe it will help.

I have a few things to do outdoors, today, as yesterday I went with my mom and we did her shopping and chores in the city ~ The main thing was to get the snow tires on the big truck ~ that included sitting and having breakfast (oh bummer) and then finishing the wait quite pleasantly visiting with a wonderful woman I used to work with (another long story)so today, I will get the tires into the shed, fill the shed the rest of the way with the rest of the yard stuff that has been waiting for the tires to be done so they could be put away for the winter…

and then??

I will be stone cold and have to spend the rest of the day indoors.

Oh wait, I have to take the rest of my “horse” accoutrement’s to the barn where Bud is now living. :) Should not be TO hard, but I never know how much work something is until I get on it. I feel a bit achy this morning, but not like “normal” ~

I am seriously grumpy though, so that is not good.

Starting to snow now. Time to get my butt moving.


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