day is done

thank the powers that be. I am sooo tired from yesterday still! I didn’t do much, just ran errands the hadn’t been done, did laundry, waited for a doc appt. did the dishes….wait. Guess I DID do something after all.

Today, I got up, fed my horse, fed my kitties, put my horse out to pasture, tried to nap, went to the city with my mom to get bedding straw, we fought our way through walmart, and then? I got home.

and then?

Fed my horse, put him to bed, then came back here to the house, fed the Baby Kitty, fed Old Cat, started my laundry, and as soon as I am done here on the computer, I am going to feed my dogs.


I am DONE.

Done done done done done.

Seems awfully early to be done, but hey, it isn’t MY fault that standard time is soooo weird that it is nearly dark by 4:30 in the afternoon! I blame Benjamin Franklin!!!

heh…the man was a genius! We all know why he’d want darkness earlier…

oh come on, I’m talking about the PUBS! He wanted to hit the PUBS early!!

Some people…shees!


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