half done

Just getting my butt in gear, and the horses are paying the price. I hope the LL gets out to put them out in the big pasture ~ though I AM going over as soon as I finish my coffee.

The youngest of my three is here this weekend, and it is interesting. She has not changed one iota in the months she has been living in the north. Makes me glad, but it is kind of weird at the same time?! I don’t know exactly what I expected, but it was not this. Her dog is here too, she is a crumbling mess of nerves that gets on my nerves easily. She is just a naturally hyper mutt, (border collie… ERK!) and … yeah. :p

The Dogs are are adjusting to the hyper one okay. Old Dog does it with the “I’ll ignore it and pretend she doesn’t exist” attitude that only flies just a little bit with Hyper Dog (YngDg) ~ Hyper one will see that Old one is walking away, and then… BOOM! will hit Old Dog broadside with her body ~ though it is a gentler hit than Hyper one uses on Harley Dog.

As the youngest, (and dumbest) dog in the lot, Harley gets pretty bashed up. He does not listen to any of the known species on the planet, including his peers… and so they have a tendency to pick on him a bit. I mean seriously. How many times can you ask nicely for someone to leave you alone before you have to hit them over the head with a BRICK???

With Harley? Even the bricks do not work.


Time to go shovel manure.

oh the joy of having horses.



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