it is cold out this morning, my new long undies are not here yet. Got the rain gear, have yet to try it on ~ Probably won’t need it now though, just because I went to the expense to buy it… Fortunately, rain gear never goes out of “style”.

Been to feed the horses, Bud is cribbing now. He makes me nutz sometimes, I can not keep up with his boredom. I can not find the time to ride him, and to be honest, I have not the confidence to ride anyways, so… **shrug** I dunno. Maybe it is time to sell him back to the lady I bought him from? She is terrified of the dude, so… yeah.

He will need a lot of round pen work before I put my butt back on him ~

I need some kind of break here Lord, Or I am going to just give up!


No word from anyone, nothing to do today that is important. I will sort, and bring home my work table to begin to make things whilst I am sitting on my ass waiting for SOMETHING to happen.

Stupid president. I wonder how it feels to be the worst man in the history of the united states?


yeah, treason. but hey. It is true. His decisions have sucked bollocks from day one…

off to the day.


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