to much time on my hands

WAY to much. I am waiting the two hours I normally wait for the Budman to finish up his breakfast so I can run back across to put him out in the big field.

I am tiring of this trip, it is harder and harder to do. I’ve not a choice, as the LL isn’t to good at consistency. Her hubby is here, and she does not trust him, which translates to me not being there as much, and her keeping an eye on him all the time.


Things go apace. I will spend today taking things to the storage, and getting more/most of the stuff out that I do not absolutely need here. If I am not using it, it goes buh-bye to the place of lost things. :)

I’m in no hurry to do this though, I know that I must make room as I go, or it will come back to haunt me sooner than later, as in: frustration and stupid decisions.

The saddles, the blankets, the coats that I can not get rid of, and … maybe the things from the top of the refrigerator. Then, the gardening things, and pots, and then… ME!

**sigh** don’t I wish. the big things are the saddles and the like, they are truly in the way out in the garage. My mom was MORE than pleased about the thought that I was moving MY things out of HER way.

She is like that. Says “oh, you can keep it in the garage” and then “OH I am SO glad you are getting that out of my way…”

My mother is not a very nice woman. Selfish and self centered, everything is about her…


yeah yeah I know. Git mah azz in gear and move away.

I’m WORKIN’ on it!!!

m’kay, loser girl has to go put her horse to field, then run her self to death getting things out of here.


later dudes

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