I’ve a smallish kitty, she was a rescue (another one… **sigh**) and she is older than her size says. That being said, she is more agile than a kitten her size would be, right?

yes, it makes sense.

Now. In no particular order, here is a list of things that run/ruin her life…

1)Mamma is the human lady.
2)Big Cat is NOT The mamma.
2.5) Big Cat exsists to be a thorn in my side.
3)The dogs are things that smell bad, make me sneeze and get in the way of running madly about when ever the mood strikes. More commonly known as the “rips”
4)If it will support a slight weight, I can will climb it.
5) If it moves, I shall do my best to stop it from moving ~ even if it might cost me my life…
5.5) well, not really, but you know what I mean…
6) learn the word NO.
6.5) If only so you know when to look at your human with blatant disregard and do whatever it was you were not supposed to do.
7) purr loudly at all times, the human mamma thinks it is endearing.
8) chase your own tail when you are bored…it is a great way to guilt the human in to making the **flippy toy move.
9) make rules up all the time, adding them to the lists and things as you go.
10) if as a small animal, (or a large one for that matter) you must get lost, make sure you do it close to my moms’ house, you will have a good life from then on in.

eyp. **sigh**

All of our cats are taught to balance on shoulders ~ she has learnt quicker than most.

Only thing is… she has also learnt to walk across the FRONT of me ~ the rack is plenty big, so she takes advantage of it.

See viggo? You don’t know what you are missing…


**flippy toy ~ plastic flexible rod with a fleece strip attached to the end.

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