nearly December??!!

Sometimes, the days catch me unawares ~ like this morning, it dawned on me that the Christmas season truly is upon us now.

**sigh** and it is going to be a slim one for us. I am desperate for a job, so now? I shall become a housekeepers assistant…

yes, I shall be a maid at one of the motels. Viggo ain’t coming through with his marriage proposal, so… **sigh** eyp. I HAVE to work. ;)

Honestly, I’d work anyways, but I am not looking forward to chemicals and all that. I am SO allergic to them, I can look forward to being sick most of the winter.


other than that? I am still full from Thursday.


off to put up the Christmas tree. My mom uses a fake one, which is JUST fine, as she is prone to fire type accidents with a real tree.

one year, I put it together upside down…

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