Todays Tip

I have very few things I do that I would consider “tips” or “tricks” ~ I just DO things, ya know? I (quite honestly) do not pay to very much attention to how I do stuff, I only think of getting things done in the shortest amount of time possible, with the least effort on my part. I chalk this up to the facts … Fact number one is that I tire so easily, and Fact number two is because I am inherently lazy. I just want stuff finished, and as long as it is done right, I do not really care how the process works.

There is one thing in this life that I do, that I have not seen on any tip or trick space ever. I do not flatter myself to think that I am the onliest one that has thought of this ~ I recommend this for anyone that has a washer and dryer…

You know how socks never seem to come through in pairs, seemingly to drop off the face of the earth?

Easy and quick to fix solution is to take whatever singles you have, and throw them back into the dirty laundry with the next days laundry, doing this over and over.

Eventually you will end up with a pair. Doesn’t matter if one of another pair is lost, nor does it matter if the original was found. It will end up as a pair.

Saves trying to keep track of the loose clean socks, and when you, your spouse/other or your children finally clean out the respective hiding spaces (car, bedroom closets, the winter boots not worn since last winter, underneath the dog beds) there is sock mate waiting for all the lonely lost ones.

Course, it only works if your dogs don’t raid the laundry for things to chew on…


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