Insomnia returns…

**shrug** I haven’t any idea why either, well… kinda not anyways.

Mostly it is the aches and pains of this damn disease I haul about with me. Fortunately yesterday was a sunny-ish day, so I was in a better mood than I would have been, and it carried over to this morning.(yay me!!)

Did the theater gig last night, it was rough because it was just a run through ~ but it is looking really good. I wanted to help set up the sets and things, (called load-in) but I hurt to bad to do it, and I did not want to get to tired, because then I REALLY hurt. I feel very much the loser when I can’t do what I consider part of my job, but I do my best not to let it get to me. I have discovered that I have some serious limitations on what I can do ~ it is nice that I am not totally incapacitated.

My spine is clicking as I move this morning, this can not be good. Doesn’t hurt really, just kind of…well… clicks. Annoying if you want the truth. Riding helps ALL the aches and pains in my person,I just have to figure out how to do it every day. I haven’t been on the Bud since August, he is going to need a lot of re-respect training before I get on him again.

Much coldness outdoors this morning, and I could see stars when I put the dogs out. All signs say that it is going to be a lovely day again today. I am going to wear my thermals over to feed the Budman, the barn is not heated. Last night will have been the first test of the new tank heater ~ it will be interesting to see how it looks this morning.

Oh crap. I left my insulated gloves in the car last night. Poop and poop again. :p

Coffee tastes so lovely (**AAAAAAAHHHHHH**) for some reason. I shall soon stop drinking it ~ and yes, it IS yet again. I really need to wait until the days get longer, as there is something in my head that says that I MUST have some kind of hot beverage in the mornings in order to wake up… and I have yet to find a tea that I like as well as I like coffee. Mate is okay, but… the coffee addiction runs strong.

The news is babbling in the background, nothing has changed since the five o’clock hour last night. I suppose that is good, right?

Off to feed the horses, and maybe start my day…

Come on viggo, up & at ’em.

I ain’t gonna be the onliest one to freeze this morning!


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