Poo Hockey

One of the things I must do as the owner of a hay munching fart machine… oh wait. Kinda sounds like I am talking about a cow, doesn’t it? Honestly, some days I would rather HAVE a cow, at least I could get something in return for all the hay… :)

At any rate, one of the things I must do is clean up after all the hay has been well used by Mr. Shitzalot. It is not to bad as long as I keep up on it on a daily basis ~ I only get one wheelie (wheelbarrow) full.

The days I do not get to it? It multiplies ten fold, and grows. One would think that two days would be two wheelies… but NOOOOOOOOOO. Two days of used hay is at minimum THREE wheelies.


Yesterday was one such day… I’d missed the clean up on the Tuesday so had more to do, and the dogs finished up with their searching the pee mails and other doggie things faster than I could scoop.

So, I’m cleaning along, but it is not to bad as we have gotten into the cold season now. everything is pretty much frozen solid, making a “thunk” noise as I toss it into the barrow.

The thunking noise brings the dogs ~

They are watching with great interest, looking in the wheelie, sniffing about it, trying to figure out the odd noises…

**scoop… THUNK(s)**

**scoop… THUNK(s)**

On the second scoop, one of the little muffins misses, and goes skittering across a frozen p … er…puddle. (the ground is frozen solid, it sounds like a wood floor when you walk on it and any water just freezes in place.)

Dogs chase said muffin and after a bit of a game at the end of the “rink” one of them brings it back to me…

I flick it across the expanse of the frozen puddle, it skitters the length, and stops.

Dogs give chase and bring it back…

I flick it with the manure fork and it skitters away…

We continued our game of poo hockey until the puck thawed enough for someone to decide that it tasted pretty good…

(yes, BLEAH!!)

Fortunately I had the truck, THEY rode home in the BACK.

Viggo? Would you please bring home some more toothpaste tonight? I used the whole tube on the dogs…


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