Friday for the rest of the world

today is the 12th, and it is Friday…or so they tell me. They as in, “they that care about such things” ~ meaning my girls, who still live from Monday to Friday in their lives.

I do not miss it to much if you want to know the truth.

It has begun snowing, it actually started right around 10 this morning, and now there is the sum total of 3 inches on the yard stick.

Oh whee. Like that is anything huge, eh? I suppose if you live where there is never any snow maybe? Last year it did this very thing… began snowing on the second weekend of December, and did not stop until about the end of January. I am just happy that it IS snowing, and that it is not an ice storm like they had over night in New York state and areas there abouts. We do not have any problems when the power goes out, we just keep the wood stove going all the time, and cook on the coleman stove out on the front porch… pretty funny to see, and we’ve not had to do this in a very long time.

Speaking of wood, I need to get on my sister about getting some more. She has a “guy” that does this for us ~ kind of like a gardener type person that moonlights with a chain saw.

The powers that predict our weather say that Monday night it is going to be bitterly cold… in the minus’ areas of the Fahrenheit thermometer. THAT is not cool, I am considering shutting Bud and his friends in their stalls for that night. We shall see how cold it actually gets. I up the amount of hay for those hours too, and hopefully it won’t last more than that night. :) It will be a true test of the watering trough heaters, too ~ I’ve never had to worry about it before, it is a weird thing.

So… work for the theater tonight, last night was opening night. Could have been better, but it was okay. I hope that someone irons out the glitches… :) I doubt it though, sometimes, it just is “let it go” ~ makes me uncomfortable, but hey… I haven’t ANY control over it.

Gots to go feed the pony, and give him his scratches for the night. I bet they are waiting by the fence to be let in the barn when I get there.

Goofy things. :)

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