Day 3 of 2009


okay, so did you manage NOT to yawn after you read that?? Admit it… you yawned too!!!

heh… I wonder what it is about yawning ~ even just reading the word makes you want to yawn… weird, eh??

It is now dark, and I have been on the phone a TON today. It is NUTZ because no one calls me for MONTHS and then they all call within three hours of one another.

I did nothing of import today~ I spent the day moving the hay stack. But to do so, I had to shovel the stack out over here, then I had to shovel the in door to the barn out so it would slide open far enough for the back end of the truck ~ AND!!!!! I only have the Ranger and the canopy is a pain in the ass to get on and off, (mom won’t let me take it off anyways…) so I can only take two bales over at a time. It makes for a lot of trips, but I do not have to depend on anyone to help me, ya know? THAT is a good thing, really. Now though, I want it to NOT snow, I have five more trips to go. All in all I am moving 2000 pounds of horse food.

The coming week is for finding work. There has to be something out there that I can do, eh??

Wait. The only thing I can’t do is wait tables. I drop things to easily. :P

Dinner time viggo, then we are hitting the sack early. I’m tired.


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