the fifth day of 2009

I am resting from all the shoveling I have already done ~ and I am sooo not done. Had to have breakfast though, ya know?

Woke up to nine inches of new snow ~ and my mom had to be somewhere this morning, so I decided I would plow before I did anything else. Got it finished, and she is off on her merry way ~ thank the powers that be! She is terrible to try and work with these days, she seems to always be in my way, and for whatever the reason, needs to have things explained more than once.

VERY frustrating, and I am afraid that I did not do a very good job of hiding said frustration.

**sigh** Lord, help me to do better.

We do get a break from one another, she will be dog/house sitting for the secretary at her church ~ they are off on an adventure to Israel for the next ten days. My prayers go with them, especially with all the unrest that is currently going on over there.

I need to go shovel at the barn, fill water troughs, and throw out some hay for the mid day munchies. I didn’t get over there this morning because their driveway was probably just as bad as mine, only a LOT longer (theirs is about a 1/4 mile long) ~ I am happy that I took over the hay I did this weekend, I do not know how much longer I will be able to get a truck to the barn.

t2k was supposed to be coming over here ~ looks pretty grim, at least until I can get over there to get her with the four wheel drive. I’ve one I can use, I just have to go get it ~ means buying a battery though, and probably oil, antifreeze and various other stuffs.

**sigh** yeah. never rains but what it pours with the whole money thing.

So viggo, when you’ve finished your mate’, we need to get on the ball and finish up the shoveling, in case the weather man is right, and it does rain for the next three days ~ Don’t want the woodshed, toolshed, carport or anything like that to collapse under the weight…

Don’t hurry on my account though… M’kay??


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