Day … what IS today???

Can I call it or what…? I am sooo sore ~ payment is being demanded of the long hours of the past three days.


On an up note (it would be a screeching one) the rain DID stop here, sometime after 9 last night. Leaves me with some minor work on the driveway where my mom left divots with her truck ~ but that should not be to bad. I can see snow coming over Icicle Ridge, and the radar over at The Weather Channel shows the same. Guess I need to get on the stick.

Our thermometer says it is 41.5 º F right now~give or take a few degrees. If the snow makes it down over the ridge to me, it will most likely be freezing rain.

Gots to get on I suppose, Budman is waiting ~ for what? I dunno.

**pokes viggo**

You gettin up or what there boy?


Well, scoot over then. I’m coming back to bed.


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