it is FRIDAY, that means SKYWATCH!!

It is the day of Fri ~

I’ve done a lot this week, and I am feeling better. I’m tired, but not because I haven’t slept ~ the mold is out of hand, and I took a benedryl last night ~ the drowsy kind. I have a bit of a hangover from it ~

**yawn** it makes me rummy. I have to look at the bottle tonight and be sure that I get the non-drowsy kind.

My coffee tastes off this morning, and I KNOW why…

never send a non coffee drinker to the store for ANYTHING.

I asked my mom to get me some half and half ~ not a big deal, right?

Nope… BUT!! she brought me home FAT FREE half and half…

So. I am having very expensive Non fat milk in my coffee this morning.


off to put the horses out for the day, scoop some poo and try not to get in a funk from the grayness that is the day here in good ole Washington.

I leave you with Skywatch Friday… Go look at it, there are some amazing pictures.

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