seems like I have been up forever…guess I actually have. I got up at 5 a.m ~ again. Not a single idea why, I was awake, so up I was.

heh… yoda speak.

It is still foggy outside, turning slowly to being smoggy. I personally try not to contribute to the stuff, but my mom has been home less than half an hour, and she has a fire going. While it is not illegal, it is just plain stupid…

**sigh** Guess I am stuck with such things until I can afford to move away, eh?

No word from the four jobs I applied for this week ~ though I did get four “you are not what we need right now” letters. I never even talked to a human at any of those, it was all done over the internet. It sucks that everything is now so impersonal ~ I hope they hire the most qualified person out there for those jobs, only to find that they suck as humans…

Grrrr… yes. grr. I am having one of those days where I feel… vengeful? (ha! the speel chek says that is a word!) ~

Just in case I do not get a real job soon, I’ve a line of things waiting to be sold ~ of course, they have been up for sale since this time last month, and no one seems to want them…

Man, this entry is making me worse.

So… Off to do something else. I’ve some sewing to do.


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