hurrah for results… (I think?)

I now have the results of all my tests. Someone screwed up and did not call… some lackey someplace could not be arsed to get to a phone.

I am doing okay, everything within “normal” but most of it in the “low normal” range. As always, my first question is… “normal for whom?” (should I say who? I stink at grammar and things) ~ so the decision was made to start a beta blocker, which will regulate the racing of my heart, lower my blood pressure, and… one other thing that I would have to re-read because I am having a brain blip right now. This, combined with something to slow the acid production in my stomach are the plan for now. I am told that I need to go back to have a couple more things looked at, but that will be after the “trial” period for the current prescriptions.

So!!! I have to take it easy today and because of a history of nasty reactions to things, and I was specifically told to take care in standing up ~ and no carrying of sharp objects. Means no running down the stairs with scissors… :D

I feel better, knowing that I am not going to die in my sleep ~ or that the beats I am alloted will not come to an end quicker.

Keep the candles burning, and yay for results, eh?


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