I missed skywatch Friday this week. **sigh**

I am just behind on everything now ~ my only defense is that I am adjusting to having t2k here, and new meds (that are NOT agreeing with one another, and therefore me) and… eyah.


Today I am going to run to the storage, and try to begin a plan for that. The ex is now supposedly moneyless, and with even Microsoft laying off people, he most likely will stay that way for some time. I need to get the storage cleaned out, and get it down to just ONE ~ I have been bad about doing it, and I suppose now is the time to get on the schtick.

M’kay. Kid needs the internet connection… I am out of here.

Sharing is not fun sometimes. **sigh**

I feel like I am about three years old, and someone has taken a toy away from me…

come on viggo, we’re making a trip to the storage.

Bring a blanket so we can take a nap, k?


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