New Tricks…

oddly enough, I pretty much slept all night. I’ve been having troubles with my sinuses, and so I took a benedryl last night with my sleepytime tea. (the tea is part of my bedtime ritual) I notice that the 2nd kid is sleeping peacefully also ~ bedtime ritual is good I think.

I’ve internet radio going this morning ~ I do not usually like internet radio stations, but that really is mostly because my speakers stink ~ That said, a site called Pandoras Box radio is working for me. You just put in an artist, and it builds a station around that kind/genre of music for you. Through the Pandora site, I have heard many artists that are new to me, and every bit as good as the ones I used to listen to all the time.

I prefer instrumental things on Sunday mornings ~ :) Today it is the George Winston station.

I’ve had my morning coffee, for once it was a quiet cup, all by myself. The critters seemed to enjoy it too ~ Little Cat is sitting here with me right now, purring in my right ear. Old Cat, she is in her bed next to the desk here, she is way to big to sit on my lap while I type. She just purrs away from there.

Old Cat is going to be 8 years old this year ~ means Old Dog is going to be 9. Weird to think we have pretty much spent a decade together now.

Wow. Old Dog is one fifth my age in human years, but in doggie years, she must be older than me now… I am noticing that we both cripple about pretty badly in the mornings now, it takes us both a bit of moving to work the kinks out. The poor old girl, she puts up with so much. Little Kitty attacks her tail every time it moves, Old Dog has learned to show her “yeah yeah mom, lets go” enthusiasm by only wiggling the very end of her tail ~ Little Kitty is less apt to see that. As soon as O.D. stands up though, L.K is right there to attack.

Yesterday morning when I was getting ready to go feed the horses, O.D. was up and wagging her rear… and L.K. was running about like a mad fool, trying to catch the dogs tail. After bouncing about the room, the little one went a bit too spaztik and ran across my feet while I was trying to tie my shoes. It irritated me a bit, so I hollered “SIT DOWN!”….

And everyone sat… all three cats, and both dogs… (yes, I was surprised too)

With timing that will never be repeated, Old Dog sat, landing just right on the Little Cat ~ catching the cat exactly so that she could not move. Oddly enough, the cat did not struggle, she just sat there and looked at me like everyone else was…

The dog, noticing the lump under her rear, looked back ~ fortunately without getting up, and looked totally surprised that it was the cat.

I could just see the light bulb go off in the dogs head. The cat didn’t move when it was trapped…

Later in the morning, L.K was bothering the dog ~ normally the dog would just try to ignore it.

Not this time. Whenever it was too much, Old Dog would simply trap the kitty under a paw, and hold her there for a moment.

Some form of communication was taking place, because L.K would be still, and when O.D released her, she would go off and play with someone or something else.

Never believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

come on viggo, as usual, it is time to go feed the horses…

are you sure we can’t build a barn closer to the house for me??


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