tales from the hinterlands, and a bit of whiny stuff thrown in…


If I had my way, me and viggo would stay in bed all day today. I am having a terrible time waking up and even though I have been over to feed the horses, and had my own breakfast, I am still draggin’ pretty bad.


My eldest daughter and her hubby live north of me ~ takes me two hours to get there by good road…I talked to her for a bit yesterday ~ she had this story to tell …

They live at the very end of a two mile dirt road ~ you have to cross two stock guards on the way up.

As you pass the second stock gate/guard, there begins t1 and SILs’ place. The main fences on the property line hold in the stock, but they travel freely about the 80 acres right now ~ snow and high winds have demolished the big pasture fence.

I guess yesterday afternoon t1 ran to the school to pick up t3 ~ and she ran into Ernie, the bus driver that has their house on his route.

Seems that Ernie was bringing t3 home one day last week and after rattling across the second stock guard, he went around the corner at creeping speed (he has apparently had run ins with the horses already) and had to stop suddenly because there was a horse standing smack dab in the middle of the road. It wasn’t doing anything in particular, just chillin’ out in the late afternoon sunshine and even though there are not any snow banks to speak of, the new melt has filled the marsh on the one side, and the cut bank on the other side is higher than the top of the bus, so there really wasn’t way to go around the horse.

So, there sat Ernie and the horse, nose to grill, about a half mile from the house. The horse, unfazed by the vehicle, just stood there, staring in the front window of the bus at Ernie and t3.

Ernie decides to honk the horn…(Air horn no less…)


This horse, who is known to run away as fast his legs will go when he sees a bridle coming, stands there, still as a stone statue, looking at Ernie.

Ernie honks again…


The horse does not move.

**honk?** goes the horn on the steering column…

**WTF!** goes the horse, flattening his ears at the bus…completely standing his ground.

After a bit more honking, the commotion attracted the attention of the other horses (there are 11 in all) who ~ being curious creatures ~ moseyed on over to find out what all the fuss was about…

Ernie soon found his bus surrounded by horses. At that point, no amount of noise and honking did any good, one horse would move out the way, another was right there to take its’ place.

T3 finally had to get off the bus long enough to shoo them out the way ~ and they all continued on, the smelly yellow horseless carriage leading the rest of the thundering herd up the road.


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