off to the hinterlands later today, I do not know if I will be able to post from up there or not.

I am doing laundry, and baking a chocolate sheet cake (from Pioneer Woman recipes) to take along with me, and then?

I get to drive the 90 miles one way.

no, I do not want to go, but they offered to pay gas to get me home, so… can’t refuse as easily as I might have.

I seriously dislike going there, and that is mostly because I am angry about being left to pay for their stuff (storage and phones) and they are being paid the child support money directly from the spermdonation unit…

In other words, I get screwed on a monthly basis, and they want me to help them?

**sigh** If I had any balls, I would flat out refuse, but I won’t… I want some things in return though, like my first horse (she is preggers, I am NOT happy) and the use of the truck that they gave the second daughter.

Neither will happen, but hey, I can ask, right?

I also need to let t1k know that hers and the third kids things will (hopefully) be ready to pick up at the end of February from the storage. If it is not picked up, it will go buh-bye, irregardless of what I think should happen. I just can not keep paying for it ~ my mom paid it this month so I would have a chance to get it out of there…

won’t happen, but I am past caring any longer. I just want it all gone, ya know? I am soooo tired of feeling like shit about me because no one cares to help me…

so… I don’t think I will bake the cake after all, ya know? **sigh**

so. on that note…

lets get going viggo, I need help unloading the car, and the horses need some attention and…

yeah, I know… I really only want to go back to bed too.


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