It has been a LONG week… Here it is Friday, and I’ve not been online enough to even open my mail ~ odd that, as I am usually quite anal about the emails. I have been keeping track of a lot of people via Facebook lately, so I suppose that it is not to very important that I am on top of mail ~ you know, I can not remember the last time I received a letter by snail mail??


Tomorrow there will be delivery of the second kids (t2ks’) horse, opening a whole new kind of pain… the kind one gets in ones rear side while trying to get a teen-aged child out of bed to feed horses in the mornings… He isn’t a rideable horse, so I have not a clue why she wants to keep him ~ **shrug** most likely I shall inherit him one day too.

wow. Not to long ago, I had an empty nest, and was wondering what to do with my time.

Now? Not so empty, and getting fuller all the time. I inherit a cat back this weekend too…


How do I say no? I can say no to any new animals, but I have a hard time with the old ones, the ones that I had a hand in raising.

Sadly, with the horse, I had no hand in it at all. It was one that t1k and her hubby screwed up, so … yeah.

Speaking of horses, I have to get my love down here before they kill her.


so… off to the day, and the doody at the barn…

Come on viggo, we gots shit to shovel, and it is the non evil kind… you will love it!


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