oatmeal and rice, and taco spices chicken…

My mom is in the biggest city helping my elder sister pack up her house… seems like they finally have sold the monster thing. If it works, this is what they call a “short sale” ~ means that they have accepted an offer short of what they actually owe, and while I have not heard if the bank will accept it or not, seems like a pretty good thing to do… better to have some money for the stupid thing than having it sit on empty and NOT having any income off of it!

Some buyer out there got a pretty good deal too ~ sucks that the entire down payment AND the equity are gone, but, like I say, this will be better all the way around.


AT any rate, it is very quiet here without my moms constant fussing. Never knew before that there is a ton of different kinds of fussing in this world… I’ve figured out that that a really good fusser can fuss silently, and the whole freakin’ world knows that they are fussing…

yeah, go ahead and re-read that… I’m serious. My mom can fuss without saying a word!

It is snowing, we’ve about an inch out there of real snow ~ the slush stands at about two inches now, with the real on top. We are barely hovering above the freezing mark, I imagine that this will all be rain in a very short while. The barns/paddocks are a ginormous mess ~ boot sucking smelly crappy mess that I can not do a thing with, due to poor barn design….

I just keep telling myself to do the best I can, and its FREE.

IT’s FREE… **sigh**

The newest addition to my horse family, is settling in nicely ~ though t2k seems a bit fussy about the poor thing. Some of that is that I do not want to run over there constantly to see him… I will be VERRA happy when she gets her drivers license so she can run her own backside about.

Hopefully she will get it all done by the weekend. Only has the driving part left to do. :) :) :)

I’m making cookies, sugar ones are in the works ~ and then I have decided that I am going to make “mexican rice” ~ so that we can have it in with our tortillas and taco spices chicken… can’t afford much, I am down to pretty much rice and oatmeal… I fart a lot when I eat oatmeal, enough to rival the dogs.

One big happy farting family.


Come on viggo, I need a nap already.

And no smoking in bed. Could be hazardous.


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