ninety second day of two thousand nine

bright and early on the second of April… well, early anyways. Seems I am in an insomnia phase of things now…

which totally stinks, because I tend to get sicker easier when this phase happens.

**sigh** had the funny flush thing going today, the “butterfly” thing that signifies the lupus ~ wondered about the way I’ve been feeling lately, so I am not to very surprised.

Had a good visit yesterday afternoon with a friend ~ I was to tired to go, but I am happy that I went. The visit gave me food for thought, and insights into things I have been pondering about ~ Feels like I can make some better choices now about a few things. They won’t be happy choices for some people, but if I go with how I am feeling right now ~ yeah.

I guess that it is time for a change all the way around ~ not just with my personal life, but with old “friends” and acquaintances too…

Which, in my insomniac clouded thinking, rounds down to this:

Sort and toss, separate the wheat from the chaff in my own life, and then pick up and move on…

Where “on” will be to, I am not at all sure ~ maybe just down valley, maybe I won’t move at all ~ maybe I will just stop the unproductive parts of my life and pick up new hobbies…

As always these days, I just do not know nothing for sure about nothing…(anything?)

Seems kind of like I am ready to just kick things loose and let the pieces fall where they may.

No, don’t worry viggo… I’ll keep you.

Come on man…Back to bed for the few hours we have left to snooze.


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