Hump day…

It is Wednesday already…I feel as though I am wasting my week. Yesterday I had to run to the city to buy hay, dog and cat food ~ today I have a doctors appointment. I was going to go to t3ks’ conferences, but I spent the gas money for such on getting t2k back up to the Northlands…

and got yelled at by t1k for “babying” her… yes, I did let t2k manipulate me ~ after many hours of her being so bitchy and “the world is out to get me” and saying the word f**k at least six times in every sentence, I just wanted her GONE.

**sigh** I’m just as glad that they are all up there sometimes. I miss them like crazy, but I get more than a little tired of feeling blamed for everything, and yelled at because I do (still, and always will) everything differently that t1k does with her sisters. I try not to let it bother me when t1 goes off into one of her little rants, and most of the time I really am okay with the differences. T1 knows so much about life ~ she is doing soooo well… **shrug**

Ah well. Not my problem. I just will not talk to her as much I suppose.

Cats got me up at 5 this morning, and while I suppose that is okay, I am only functioning at a basic level. Coffee tastes really good, but it is not doing much. I really think I am on for a second cuppa this morning ~ and I have time before I must trot over and feed the Budman.

heh… trot… get it?

**sigh** yeah, I know. humour me, okay? ;)

Come on viggo, I’ve got to have a bit more java juice.


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