second half and when exactly???

Moving into the second half of April now ~ the … umm… what? 107th day of 2009 ~ I think? I’ve a perpetual calendar somewhere…

Can’t be arsed to go find it, so I am doing the math in my head, and I’m coming up with 107.

Somehow, that looks better than April 17th ~ to me anyways. Means I have 348 days left of this year to get my life squared away! :)

Tried to take a nap, but no one else would cooperate ~ so I got up. Now, every stinkin’ one of the animals are asleep, including Ick the Fish. He is resting on the bottom of his bowl, I presume he is snoozing ~ if he were floating, I’d be worried. :)

There is just something totally unfair about my critters taking over where the girls left off, ya know? Incredibly sad actually…

Lets see ~

Had a wonderful visit yesterday with a friend ~ went to coffee at the “national chain store” and sat out doors ~

Now, I worry for this particular friend a bit, though I’ve only known him for about 10 years now, I think the world of him. And honestly, I feel much better after the visit, it was good to see where, who, what he is going and doing ~ his “when” is still missing, but whos’ is not? Personally, I’ve no clue where MY when is anymore at all… **sigh**

Brings me to the thought that I really do need to get my arse out a bit more…I don’t ignore my friends, but none of them are ringing my phone either… so… **shrug** Just have to do something about making myself go and visit, and be opening up myself to outside things.

I know I need to, but following through with it is very hard. It is easier to stay in my space, and not have to worry about being let down, or hurt, or finding out that someone only includes me because they want something at the time.

my, my, my my my…I have indeed grown cynical, haven’t I???


Hence the love affair with viggo in my mind… he can’t hurt me there, ya know?

I’d so crap if I ever actually DID meet viggo. O.o !!!!!

The sun has roughly two hours left above the ridge, and I’ve an hour ’til feeding time…

Maybe I will attempt the nap again.

Come on viggo lets go back to bed…and for pities sake, do NOT wake the cats up!


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