Today is “earth day” ~ has been for what… 40 years or so? It began in 1962 ~ and I wish that something would have happened to make it more than it is now even…


At any rate, I am tired of the “green thing” ~ irritated with it even.

Why is it irritating? Because it comes across as all hot air. If the bull ~ pooey that is being handed out as “green” could be used to produce electricity, or fuel for cars, we’d NEVER RUN OUT OF POWER. Food? maybe… and I fear that it is just a fad, a passing fancy that will go the way of the dinosaur ~ all to soon.

**sigh** (yes, again) All ads for the past hour on the telly have been about being green.


Well… points for tryin, eh?

OH! before I forget. The Salvation Army takes old monitors and tellys for recycling ~ check here to find where you can take stuff. Don’t put your old computer pieces, parts or peripherals in the garbage ~ it carries toxic stuff that ends up in weird places… like third world countries. Keyboards and mice and such are generally taken for free at Staples (call ahead and ask) ~ they take ink cartridges too.

Covered what little I have planted in the new garden space ~ I use old sheets that I made into strips… perfectly good cotton, it isn’t going to waste.

Sidetrack….Can I make paper out of jeans? hmmm… have to check.

Little Cat is in heat… about time to get her fixed. I discovered a very long time ago that when kitties are allowed one heat cycle, they don’t go “manly” on you in their old age and go around marking things, when you have strictly indoor kitties, this is VERRA important.

I’m going to bed… dinner was wonderful ~ but now it is time for moggies to be asleep.

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