off to the day

Finally, it is Friday.

**does a happy dance**

I’m awake, though barely. I leave the curtains down/closed because I am in the southern end of the house, and it always gets REALLY hot this time of year. My mom had her windows replaced, but they don’t help much when the sun is beating directly in all the time.

Guess my point is that when I am sitting in the dark, it is hard to make my mind understand that it is time to get moving.


Going to go over and check on the horses, I am teaching old dogs new tricks… switching the goodie time to evenings so that they come to the barn on their own. I feed them stuff that makes their poo toxic to fly larvae ~ or at least I am this year. We shall see how it goes. If this doesn’t work as well as I like, next season I will try something else ~ I am amazed at how many different things one can do to keep the flies down.

Going to be warmer today, so that we can MAYBE get our garden in and going ~ we’ve got to order up another load of dirt, amend it and all that, but that generally doesn’t take to long to do. When we are done, it smells so good ~

Getting ready for a yard sale too, my mom put up the pop up camper for storage of marked/ready to go items. Flash of brilliance on her part.

Sunday is Mothers Day ~ I am not expecting any of the girls to remember it ~ though I know that I will be disappointed when they do not.


such is life, eh?

so…off to the day.

Coming viggo?


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