Happier than flies on cowpies….

Sometimes, in the midst of alll the stuff that happens to a person, life throws in a little sommat that makes the time and effort worth the while.

This weekend, my middle daughter (OCD one) is officiallly finished with High School. It has been a very long year…

But now, she is off and doing things that I never thought she would be able to do, she was always tied up in knots about so many things that were beyond her control…

so… again with the weekend here ~ she is going to be working for the river raft guide folks that I learned from many many many millions of years ago…

I’m so … I dunno. I am proud of her, happy that she has a way in life now, that she is at the point where she will be living her life on the terms that she wants.

Two down, and one to go… kinda. We’ll see what happens now, eh?

I so need a place, a job, and a life… where do I want to be now?


I oughta be smacked for letting myself get lost in my kids, ya know?

Come on viggo, we’ve some booties to order for a graduation gift. I think she wears size 8 in womens…


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