Seems all things happen in threes at my house ~ the good, the bad, the weird, the unexplainable, the ugly…

t2k is off on her rafting adventure, she is lovin’ it so far. Today she is on the “main event” ~ means she is not doing the big rapids above town ~ because she didn’t get herself on “the board” soon enough.

It is thundering a bit outdoors, I am home alone except for the dogs… I don’t care for thunder when I am by myself ~ yes, yes, I am what one could call a “wuss” ~

**sigh** I wish I really had me a viggo, ya know?

Today also begins the theater season ~ there is a picnic scheduled this afternoon. I have never attended this particular picnic in all my years (9 now) with the company, so… why should I now? It would be the right thing to do, but … I dunno if I want to go. Not only am I in a terrible bah-humbug mood today, I just do not want to go anyplace where social interaction may be required.

**shrug** yeah, I am in THAT bad of a mood.

so, I am now off the computer to work on a few things while I can lay them out without interuption. I sit and watch the telly while knitting lap robes/prayer shawls ~ it keeps my hands busy so I don’t eat… and when my hands hurt, I read ~ a lot. I’m on a fourth-sixth grade level kick right now, including Fablehaven, Artemis Fowl, and Septimus Heap ~ :)

I am going to get myself a small point and shoot camera I think ~ the one my dad left me is hard to use ~ how is that for a random thought?


so viggo, I think it is time for a nap. **yawn**

eyp, definately.


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