It is nearly 11:00 a.m as I begin to type this, and I have (yet again) no motivation to do a damn thing this morning.

Oh, I have lots to do, just no urgency to do anything… at all. This is one of those days where I am happy to not be working a full time job ~

Finished up the last “fill in” job I was doing ~ now I am down to just the theater work. I hope to keep it this way while we open the next (and last) show for the summer ~ a 40 hour week, on top of the theater gig, the animals, my moms stuff, my other mother, the kids and all their angst would probably be more than I could handle.

No, not probably… it would be. Of course, I would not turn down work if it does come up, but **crosses fingers** I hope that my bad luck with real world work holds, and I don’t have to think about it until after August first.

The list today is simple ~

Laundry ~ seen through to the end of the cycle, and not left sitting in the basket.

Cleaning the house ~ nah… I ain’t EVEN going to attempt that, as it does no good right now. Four active people in the place, with an average of three dogs, four cats, and the regular expotitions (winnie the pooh) to various places with said animals… scratch clean the house.

Fence ~ have to measure for replacement/repair. I’m moving Bubba, so… not sure if I will do this or not. To keep with the nature of the place, I am thinking that I will go with baling twine repair instead…

Groceries ~ we’ve only been home for breakfast these days, so the list will be light ~ though expensive because it is basically all fresh stuff. I will be hitting the fruit stands today too, there should be some really good fruit coming on.

okay… that is enough.

Going to see Harry Potter 6 today tonight~as it is my only night off for the next 13, I may as well fill it with something theatrical, eh?

M’kay viggo, we must be on with the day… would you go tie the gate together while I do the laundry???

thanks dearest ~ heh…


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