the morning

though I see by the clock on the computer, it is no longer truly morning ~ I’ve been up for a fair bit, and catching up on all the correspondence and work and…

I am sooo full of shite. I have done nothing but play on FB since I got on this thing, and though I really have read my emails, I have yet to answer any.

Of course, it is hard to answer someone that tells me how to enlarge my male organs, especially since that department is not mine…and even harder when I send said email to myself! I don’t know how they do it, but somehow, the mass mailers of all products sexually enhancing seem to be using my own email to send ~ makes me insane actually. I thought for awhile that someone had hacked my email, but it has slowed down now ~ no one has let me know if/when they get shit from these people any longer, but I have changed all the passwords, and done what I can there.


**shrug** ah well ~ at least I can say I get email this way. If I go on the amount of junk mail I get, I would say I am THE most popular person on the planet…

work tonight is the sound, at the hottest venue we have. I do not do well in the heat, so I will again drive up, and then drive the car back down when I am finished with the sound checks ~ then I will ride the bus back up the hill for the actual show ~

I dunno, I’ll work something out, I just know that I can not walk up the hill to the venue and survive in this heat.

Went to see HP6 last night, it was only theater types in the theater ~ it amounted to a “private” showing for us. (one of the cast is related to the owner, and we basically rented the theater) It was fun, I appreciate the group we have this year more and more. They are all… weird like me! ;)

Though, I am not to sure I liked the movie. I mean… it was okay, but it appears to me to be a bridge to the last episodes of the HP movie dynasty ~ which isn’t bad, but in two and a half hours, one would think that there would be more of the book in the movie… THIS movie. It seemed to cover only the relationships, and those just barely.

I don’t think I will watch it on the screen again, though I will buy it because I have the rest of them, and don’t want to break up the series… :)

t2k had a slap in the face yesterday, it appears that she was being a bit to… friendly…for the lady that runs the rafting company she worked with. It hurt her pretty bad, considering that she only actually “slept” with one guy, and she figured that they were serious (him and her) ~ turns out the rumour mill said she slept with everyone, and the lady (runs the company) tossed her out on the the “fact” that “she knew for a fact that t2k was having sex with EVERY ONE OF THE GUIDES”

**sigh** hard lesson learnt (I hope) . She has a back up plan, and is already employed with another company, but it hurt her feelings pretty badly that the guy she liked (and now dumped) was telling stories. **shrug**

It isn’t that I did not see it coming, and there not a thing I can do now, ya know? Totally was one of those things that she had to learn on her own.

it is one in the afternoon already…wow. Guess getting up at 11:00 a.m makes the daylight hours feel like they are flying past.

I’m off to hang the gate, and hope it stays up. I have decided that I no longer owe anyone anything, and if they can bailing twine the fences together, so can I.

**yawn** maybe I will just take a nap instead…


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