well, for one thing, it is really hot here right now, and I do not do well in the heat. It makes me cranky…


I hurt everywhere again, it is the usual problem I have when the stupid flare ups happen… I’m fine when I’m busy, but if I am too busy I get 0verly tired, and then everything is so much worse ~ I feel out of control, I want to yell scream and maim myself…


I feel like ranting about the unfairness of life, about my life being forever altered by something I have no control over, by something I did not do anything to deserve…

so where the fuck is the sense in doing that?

there isn’t any. not a lick of it. I can’t change it. I can’t even control it… I’m at the whim and mercy of tide of crap that doesn’t follow any cycle ~ at least not a regular one.

Life sucks, you cry, and you move on.

I have a hard time because I feel better for awhile, and about the time I forget that I am “sick” I get slapped, and slapped HARD. I fall down, and I can’t get up ~


yeah, I’m whining again.



Life sucked today, and now I am going to cry… and after I get some sleep, I’ll move on.


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