mondays suck

Everyone is gone but me today… they work the daylight, I work the night…

LOL! now there is a loaded comment, eh?


I often do not know what to do with my girls, they are both doing just fine with most things… they are mostly level headed and do the “right” things…

So… here I am thinking about leaving Der Towne, thereby basically leaving all that I have tried to begin to build for myself here ~

Which, in all honesty is not very much. I have not bothered to even try in the recent years to get out and be … well… yeah. I can not be myself, people don’t seem to know what to do with me.

Hell, I seldom know what to do with myself. I’m all bottled up ~ Most of the time that doesn’t bother me, but I have noticed recently that I feel like blowing up at the oddest times. (can’t be good, right?)

**sigh** If I base a decision purely on the romantic front, there isn’t anyone worth my time around here… all I get is the drunks and those that want to exchange dinner for a quick bit of sex ~ though after my latest relationship fiasco, I won’t ever bother even thinking about the whole marriage thing EVER. Gimmee a sugar daddy, and I could be very happy, ya know?

**sigh** yeah, I’m afraid bitterness abounds with that last bit… sorry about that.

**Mogsie goes to her happy place**

okay, all better now.


I suppose that I should quit my damned whining and get on with the day… I have a lot to do, and don’t know if I feel like doing ANY of it.


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