taking a few moments here before I venture out into the heat to take care of the horses ~ they are in the small pasture still, there is shade and plenty of water ~ though they are eating a bale of hay each day now for the three of them… I am not allowed to use the big pasture, which is a royal pain in the ass ~ with that in mind, as soon as I possibly can, I am going to move Bud and be done with all the drama and shit that goes with the people that own the barn

I feel no better today, I just ate a bowl of cereal, and feel as though it is going to come back up. Means my system is worse off than I thought, and I am more upset than I thought ~ I guess I should have cried myself to sleep last night like I’d originally planned…



not much to be done about it, so… yeah.

98F for the hourly official temp, with about 30% humidity ~ ugh. It feels much worse for me in humidity over 20%.

With that in mind, I’d better get my backside over to the horses ~ so I can cool off in the sprinklers or something before I go to work tonight.

Viggo? In our new house, I would like to have A/C okay?

thanks love.


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