what day is it again???

woke up “early” today ~ relatively speaking ~ and couldn’t figure out what day it was to save my life. I knew the date, but (yet again) I had no idea of the day of the week. Had to LOOK at the calendar.

Guess life is busy enough that I can not be arsed to remember what day of the week I am on. My life is not a 9-5 five day a week thing ~ has not been for a very long time, and with no way to mark days (school for the girls type thing) I find no reason to actually CARE what day of the week it is.

Besides… I suffer from CRS†

We had crepes for breakfast, homemade, so they are a bit thicker than “normal” ~ freshly smoked salmon, shrimp, someone had some crabmeat, (I think… ) some compotes, and fresh berries with new cream. (I LOVE the farmers market) and lovely coffee from a trip by T3k to Starbucks. Breakfast these days is the only time we see one another ~ :-)

Occurs to me that I am happy that the girls drive… makes the trips I must make much easier to handle.

Oh lovely… fighting downstairs. just what I need to make the day go better ~ my mom is suffering from CRS † for real, and she does not see it ~ sadly, we all get impatient with her sometimes ~ because I do think that if she would actually pay attention to what any of us were saying, it would help. Sometimes, it feels as though she only talks to hear her head roar, and if she would just think before opening her mouth… she’d figure out what is going on before she repeated the questions that she had already asked, irritatiing the hell out of everyone…

Did that make any sense at all? SHees… I’m confusing myself now. **sigh**

I’m going to go across to the barn to see Bubba and to get away from the crap ~ I just do not feel like dealing with it today.

**yawn** then again, maybe I will just take a nap.

whatcha think vig? nap or horse?

yeah… horse wins.


†(Can’t Remember Shite)

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