is it Friday yet?

I miss the view from my ‘office’ already…

I am getting a cold, so I took some nighttime stuff to be able to breathe all night… while I slept okay, I am now groggy, and grumpy as I imagine the devil to be when he has a headcold…

No, not h1n1 ~ I live to far out in the sticks for that. Though I DO live in a tourist town…

**shrug** at any rate, I am dragging really bad this morning, all I want to do is crawl back in bed. Can’t do that, or I won’t sleep tonight, mores the pity. The cats are arrayed in their usual places, Leedle One on the back of my chair, and Old Cat in the dogs’ bed. So very tempting to join them…

My room/work space are a mess, I’ve not taken a lot of time here at the house. I plan (yes, the dreaded P word…) to at least put the clean clothes away ~ then?

Probably a nap.

yes. a nap would be good…


I suppose I’d better get going before I lose all motivation…even the coffee is not helping today.


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One Response to is it Friday yet?

  1. mary says:

    Sleep it off. Hope you feel better. My entire household just got over a nasty bug.

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