It is already Tuesday?

Turns out that Saturday was not going home day, because I was there, T1k took the opportunity to go to Spokane ~ They (t1 and sil) looked at houses on Saturday, while I held down the fort in the BCoNW ~ I drove home on Sunday, and had to stop three times in 100 miles because I was so tired. The last five miles of the trip I talked to t1k on the phone so I could stay awake…

Yesterday, I spent the day getting my moms yard ready for winter. I was gone for seven days, and I don’t think my mom did a thing~scary when you think on it, really. What is she going to do when I am gone?

**sigh** Sadly, I DO know what she will do when I am gone ~ she will expect my older sister to come do it all. Standard for my mom ~ just switch from one kid to another, without blinking and eye ~ though mom does listen to my sister, so maybe it will work out okay.

For Mom, not my sister. **sigh**

It has gone from Indian Summer to Winter here ~ last night the higher areas got a skiff of snow. Not enough to get excited about, but enough to make my bones ache from the thought of the cold.

This picture was taken a week ago ~ beautiful Fall day, with no wind.



I need more coffee ~ chores to finish too.

Wonder where my coffee is


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