First day of the week…

Sunday morning, and I am barely awake. I guess I do not sleep so well on the couch at t1ks’ house…


I am thinking that I spend entirely to much time in a car. I drove home yesterday, only to find out I did not need to ~ except for the fact that when I got here, the tarp had blown off the hay ~ it would have been REALLY bad had I not gotten here to recover the damn thing.

I have NO clue what this week holds. I go back to the BCoNW for this week at least, and then we figure out if I bring Bud to BCoNW or if I briing Callie and her foal down here.

Sadly, I do not know which one I want ~ I love it up there, but I haven’t the money to stay…work, or otherwise.

It is okay here, only because it is free to stay. Other than the free? There isn’t much here.

okay, here has some things going for it. Good internet, television that is relevant to the area in which my house sits…

but! that is pretty much IT.

Anyone know what this thing is???

while I know it is some kind of antique farm thing, but I do not know exactly what it might be. It is for sale if you want it.

**sigh** can’t put it off any longer, I must get the hay covered, and then be off to the BCoNW..

loves you all


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