morning has broken…

It is Tuesday, and I, for one, am happy that it is.

am I supposed to use that many commas in a sentence? Looks a bit weird.


So, it is day two of a “normal” week. T3k got away to school, I’ve talked to T1k on the phone already, and the animals here at the house have been fed, watered, and played with. Big dogs are outdoors, and all I have left to do is drop a bag of corn down at the barn for the kids to feed the pigs tonight.

Having trouble selling the babies away, I’m guessing that no one wants to spend the money over the winter to raise a pig.

Funny thing is that it is cheaper to raise your own meat ~ though it does not feel like it at first.

And it tastes better too.


It felt pretty cool to make dinner for me and t3k last night, felt like I had a bit of my lost family back.

I can only hope that God will allow it to stay this way. Daily exhortations to that affect would be appreciated!!!

Nearly time for me to go to the city, it is an hour away, and I have to stop at the school in between.

wow. boring entry today.


seriously, I am.


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