And to begin with…

Every once in awhile, my days begin in very bizarre ways.

Today is one of “those” days.

Always does the day start with t3k getting up, then I get up, then the dogs (all 7 of them, 8 counting Old Dog) get to do their thing, then breakfast, then t3k off to school, then I sit down and do some writing, or finish the current book selection while I have my coffee…

This morning, I am sitting on the sofa, drinking my coffee and watching the news instead of reading.

I begin to hear this odd *scriiiiitch~rattle* noise.

I wonder what is going on, so I get up, and begin to search for the noise…

I tour all the bedrooms, I tour the bathrooms, I tour the dining room, I tour the kitchen…I even looked in the garage…


Retracing my route, I find my coffee cup sitting on the vanity in the bathroom…

Closing all the doors I can behine me, I sit down to a second (hot) cup of coffee.

Very soon, I hear the *scriiiiiitch~rattle* noise again.



I jump up and run to the kitchen ~





going around the stove island, I find a cat.

A cat that is playing with ~

a dried up old Dog poopy.

I’m afraid to ask…

How MUCH weirder can the day get????


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