two cups, though not from the same cup

okay, who ordered the morning to come so damn early?


I always manage to forget how badly my animals miss me ~ with both cats vying for space on my body most of the night, and Old Dog lying as close to the bed as is dogly possible (get it? pun on humanly)… made the night fairly miserable.


It is snowing here in L’town, very lightly, but still snowing. I haven’t any idea what the weather is supposed to be, I feel more than a bit out of the loop today.

Nothing like stating the obvious over and over (and over) eh?

It is good not to have to do anything when I feel like this, where the mind is muddy, and the body aching. Decisions made when I feel awful are generally not the best for me, nor the small bit of family that I am still responsible for.

Little Cat is missing me I think. She has spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out how to sit on my lap~ which is covered mostly by the keyboard rest…poor girl, I have to leave in a few hours too.

Coffee is wonderful this morning, and so far, I have been able (well, mostly) to keep track of my cup. With no distractions away from the computer right now, it is MUCH easier.

Stumbled across a really nice piano composer person… I want to learn to play the piano, as well as relearning the guitar…

anyways, the kid (literally) is Yiruma ~ if you haven’t a Myspace (I don’t) another place to hear it would be on YouTube ~ it is screwy because someone decided that it sounded like Bellas Lullaby and from there, it has just gone berserk…. Robert Pattinson had NOTHING to do with this song.

I am completely in love with the mans abilities (Yiruma, not Pattinson) as a composer… I am going to HAVE to buy some of his stuff….some day, eh?

Until then, I have YouTube… which is neither good nor bad. I am thinking that I will also need to get myself an mp3 player of some kind to get the music out of my computer here and put it to good use elsewhere.

**sigh** always the money is going out… out and no in. Being disabled kind of sucks sometimes.

Being officially labeled disabled is even worse, for you can not just BE. You have to jump through all these hoops, and things that take freaking forever. AND!! you have to be destitute and practically living on the streets… or like me, credit carded to the point of no return to normalcy.

so… enough whinging for today, I started this post about an hour ago now… morning is nearly over in my part of the world, and I have finished both cups of coffee, though admittedly they were not from the same cup…

LOL! just now figured out that this is kind of a metaphor for my life. Two cups, just not from the same cup.

wonder how long it will take me to combine the cups… not that it is important to do so, eh?


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