randomness for the day

This is the pond out front~

Same pond a few days later~

After it froze, and the snow was blowing in from the next county East of the house.

Now, it is back to the first picture, though the weather looks like the second still ~ sans snow. November is a weird time of year here, you never know if it is going to be summer, fall, winter or spring ~

the hazards of living in the Pacific Northwest I guess. At least we get sun occasionally ~ unlike some places I have lived…

like Forks. ~:-)

Snowing hard, I need to get on with the day before I am snowed here or something silly like that. I’ve an hour before Ellen is on… then I HAVE to go home to BCoNW and slow computers and wet nasty barn yards, and hungry beasts…

hmmm… snowed in looks good all of the sudden.


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