Like I said…

In the Center Ring

It snowed last night, though not to very much. I have not called up to the BCoNW to see what the ranch was hit with yet, I do not think that I want to know. I do not own a four wheel drive (almost said four wheeled vehicle… LOL!!) so I do not want to clutter my already over driven brain with worry about our two and a half mile mud road…


Tired this morning, as I always manage to space the fact that Old Cat and Little Girl miss me badly when I am gone. They both insist on sleeping on my person the first night I am with them~

Maybe I will take them with me, now that I have my “own” room.

Ring Two

T1k and SIL have put in an application for a rental, and SIL told T3k that they had to be out by the first of Dec…. this rental is only a possibility… but it is one that will take five of their horses, and all of their dogs, and both of their cats. In anticipation of this being approved, they are busy this weekend sorting out the animals that they have had on the place that are not theirs.

This action will take them down to: five largish dogs, two tiny dogs, and two cats. AND….

Five horses, with one still to sell, four pigs, with one still to sell. They are talking about selling all but one pig ~ the one that is a pet and follows you about like a dog… this little gilt literally answers to her name ~ it is funny to open the door to holler for the dogs and have her come running around the corner with them.

So… all of this leaves myself and t3k…

Ring Three

T3k panicked, and asked to move in with a family up in Mansfield. They are wonderful people, and I okayed it ~ though I DO think that she jumped the gun just a little bit ~ I wanted her away from the constantly changing and unknown things that t1k seems to live on.

I mean seriously. Poor t3k may be 17 years old, but due to circumstances beyond anyones’ control, she is stunted just a bit emotionally ~ all three of them are this way actually (no one listens to the mom, ya know? ) and it shows in everything they do.

But as I said in an earlier post, in this instance, I was happy to comply. Anything to get T3k away from the constant “oh, we are moving tomorrow” thing ~ which has been going on for EVER now. It makes me crazy, and I haven’t any ties to the area really ~ she has her friends at school, her boyfriend, her plans for college…

Ring Four ~

I hurt this morning, nearly past endurance. I struggle to keep it from putting a haze over the decisions I must make, and the things I want to accomplish today.


Like I say, my life is a circus…I am away to deal with it, and see if I can find my coffee cup…

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