In the Center Ring….

As usual, I haven’t any idea what today will bring. I am still in the L’town, with only a few more things to gather from the BCoNW ~ then, I am finished up there for good.

“My” horses are now with me. After many months of them not being ‘mine’ they pretty much have been dumped back on me because there is no where else for them to go.

While I am okay with this, because in reality they will lead a lot more productive lives, I do not know how I am going to pay for them ~ they need shots, wormer, and the extra 6 ton of hay that I am going to need through the winter months, is probably going to break me.


It is either this, or they go to slaughter. SO!!!

eyp. Keeping them I am.

Ring Two …

T3k and I are completely out of the house on the Ranch. (BCoNW) Yesterday, with the delivery of the horses, pretty much made it the end for that. I’ve a few things that t1k and SIL could have brought with them, but I am fairly sure that somewhere in the back of their heads they are thinking that it is my own fault that the stuff is there, and I can just come get it.

I do not understand that attitude, but then, I suppose it is to be expected of two of the most selfish people I know. I can only hope that one day they will grow out of their little shells and understand what they do to people will only come back around and haunt them later.

And while I know that t3k is missing her older sister, I am happy that t3k is out and away from that ~ at least until she can grow her own personality, and not just be a reflection of t1k.

It worked with t2, so… :) there IS hope.

Ring 3…

Now comes the search for work for me. I am pretty sure I can find something down here in L’town, but that puts me in the position of having to move t3k away from Mansfield. I do not want to do that, but without a caring family up there, I can not allow her to stay. The people she is staying with until Christmas break are wonderful, but that family is not making it financially up there either, and need to move to where the work is.

So, soon I must face the anger, and the “I hate yous” that t3k will throw my way when she can not go be co-dependent with t1k…

**sigh** sometimes, life is so not fair, and I SERIOUSLY dislike being the one that has to administer the unfairness.

Away to the day, I need more coffee to face it. We still have company, so the day will be longer than “normal” ~ and now I must shovel the barn on a daily basis too… my least favorite chore, but the most necessary one.

yeah. more coffee… it is the only way I am going to survive the day.

I think I will emulate my kitties…


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